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Body coating processing

Image of the body coating processing
I deal with three kinds of the "Hi-MOHS coating" "G'ZOX glass coating" "PRO coating" in Maine.
To body condition, the storage situation, the budget for favorite car, I suggest the best coating menu.
A professional of the body coating undertakes construction in the best technique.

Car film construction

Image of the car film construction
I use the high-quality film of "the hard court type" that the wound of "IKC" is hard to point out for Maine.
The item "Lumi cool SD & fitting glass" which is indispensable to comfortable car life is prevention of heat rays block, ultraviolet rays cut, scattering, a high quality car film to show an effect in every scene including the glare-proof blindfold.
As you handle smoked brown metallic pastel color titanium, transparence insulation, windshield gradation etc, many, you have a choice in a color and the use that were correct in an image in total.
The professional of the car film undertakes construction in the best technique.
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