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Flat repair

Flat repair

Image of the flat
Various causes are thought about for the flat of the tire.
By the judgment from the tire surface, is appropriate; cannot repair it.
I judge an appropriate repair method after separating a tire and a wheel in Mr. tire man Fussa store, and having confirmed a state of the tire inside.
Apparently the cords that it may be said that it is the frame of the tire are damaged without remaining in the Rubber Department by the influence of the run in the flat state inside even if there is little damage, and this is because it may not be suitable for reuse even if it repairs it.

Plug repair

I identify a direction as the volume of wound and repair it through a plug from the inside of the tire.
The plug uses a thing of the most suitable thickness by the size of the wound.

Plug + inside patch repair

I reinforce plug repair with an internal patch and raise safety more.

Be branded and repair it

Be branded, and I dissolve crude rubber by heat, and the repair is a repair method to block up the wound.
The repair of the wound that the plug repair of a side wall (the side) and the shoulder (shoulder region) is not possible is possible.
I do not extend a wound more than required. It is completeness with more than of internal patch repair.
<< enameling repair with the boiler >>
Be branded and can give a general response for an impossible extensive wound with the repair machine.
As I operate a steam boiler in the cycle of 7-10 days, it completely needs reservations.
I take the tire to repair concerning preparations from 2-3 days ago on a work day.
Image like the enameling repairman
Image of the unpleasant flat repair
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