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Battery check nut


The theft of the battery is connected directly with interruption of the transportation business.
A battery check nut is most suitable for the evasion of the theft risk.
In late years the battery robberies of the truck occur frequently on a nationwide scale.
The battery of the truck is attached in a bare state and becomes high-theft. Besides, the theft damage leads to not only the re-purchase of the battery but also the trouble of service duties and, besides, may develop in the trust problem including the delay of cancellation and duties of the work. Therefore I use a battery check nut and recommend theft measures.
<< features of the battery check nut >>
Special specifications of the relief: The disassembly except the exclusive tool is difficult
I am strong in rust: Is strong in reinforcement nut & rust having difficulty in destruction; surface finish
An exclusive key pattern: Key pattern of security-related high McGard
I cope in 1 article number: It supports most of small size, medium size, large size in 1 article number (8MB)
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