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Run flat technology adoption tire exchange

Run flat technology adoption tire exchange

Run flat tire technology
In Mr. tire man Fussa store, I help with reliable car life of each visitor of the run flat technology adoption tire wearing car.
Enough knowledge and the professional staff with the training carry out the exchange of the run flat technology adoption tire in security, appropriateness using exclusive machine parts.

To a run flat, "the side reinforcement model" that reinforced a side wall part of the tire with "side reinforcement rubber" is adopted, and reinforcement rubber supports load when air pressure disappears. It is the structure that is generally used to the run flat for the car.

In addition, when air pressure was lost, a tire transforms it and runs a fever. Therefore I control fever using low pyrogenic rubber to a bead filler raising the strength of the bead moiety. Furthermore, I use the bead which is bigger than usual to prevent a tire from coming off from a wheel at the time of a flat and enable the run at the time of the flat by the adoption of various techniques.

In addition, exclusive machine parts are necessary at the time of the exchange of the run flat because some structure is different from a general tire. Because security changes the run flat of the visitor surely in our store, I introduce run flat-adaptive tire changer "GA600S-LIMIT".

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In GA600S-LIMIT shipped with a lift, the great diameter wheel installation for the SUV is easy, too. It is considered the integration of the bead, the disassembly work of the tire which I break it, and a wound is easy to enter to a wheel using special hard rubber in a tool
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