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The tire purchase toward the examination

The professional of the specialty store gives an explanation carefully!
The Mr. tire man is a store specializing in tires with BRIDGESTONE & say bar ring as the main force.
From a lineup of BRIDGESTONE & fuseibaringu, I recommend the tire which is most suitable for a car.

Tire brand of BRIDGESTONE

Tire brand of the say bar ring


I handle the tire maker except BRIDGESTONE


I handle the run flat

Even if the air pressure of the tire becomes zero, it is a run flat to be able to run constant distance. It is designed to be able to tolerate it at 80km per an hour enough to the even in the case of emergency repair shop available for a run of distance 80km (※ 1) nearby. Because the judgment of the flat is difficult, in the case of a run flat, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to sense a flat by air pressure (※ 2) is equipped with and is displayed with a warning light. In this way, I can cope without going down outside a car even if I face the flat of the emergency without being upset.

In addition, various merits are born by a spare tire becoming needless. In addition to an environmental performance gain to become exploitation of resources-saving, lightweighting, the good mileage, I can give the improvement of livability and the design flexibility, too.

However, by factors such as a heavy price, the hardness of the ride comfort, it is the fact currently not to be adopted very much except some overseas makers. It is the place where the development of the high-performance run flat is waited for at a reasonable price like a conventional tire.

There are two kinds of the thing which strengthened a side wall of tire itself that the structure inserted a ring-shaped core (basket) inside so that a tire is not destroyed even at the time of a flat, but a side wall reinforcement type is common for car use.

※Could run the run flat (in air pressure 0kPa), and, as for distance 80km, was established 1 by an ISO technology standard; can run, and is distance. Please actually confirm it about the distance that you can run in an instruction manual.

※The use of the run flat is possible by car which is not equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) 2, but the wearing with the set becomes the basics.

I can order the new car wearing (OEM) tire, too

The visitor that a new car wearing (OEM) tire is hoped for, please feel free to consult me. Michelin Goodyear Yokohama Dunlop toyo Fall Ken, BFGoodrich pireri Continental etc of each maker new car wearing (OEM) tire can order it.

I handle the tire in all seasons

The mate whom Michelin cross is ignorant of
It is the tire which enables some run let alone a run in the general run environment with the tire which had both functions becoming between it with it in a tire and a winter tire in summer in a thing, the road surface environment with the snow with the tire in all seasons.
The difference of the winter climate becomes clear very much in the summer in Japan, and it may be said that a tire is the tire which I came off from the mainstream in all seasons as the tendency that the use of a tire and the winter tire is performed every season is strong in the summer.
However, I often use a tire as a general tire now in all seasons and, in the United States and Europe that are often hit by a sudden snowfall, am known as the tire that there is much demand.

I handle used tire & used wheel

I have it in each used tire size richness. Even from one, please feel free to consult me.
When one bursts and is not usable, and it is a shame that I change four, even one is OK. When only two are worn, and exchange was necessary because I did not rotate, even two are OK.
I prepare at a reasonable price soon when I want the tire which should be usable for 2-3 months as I am going to buy a new car.
As I attach it to a car after a test with a water tank after adjusting it, & balance including a group in our store is reliable.
Is a set article with decent prices available by the combination of used tire + new article wheels new tire + used wheel?

Under 100 kilos check enforcement!

The air pressure of the tire may decrease new tire wearing just after that. I match it with air pressure check by a 100km run to the visitor who purchased a tire in Mr. tire men and carry out the reconfirmation (retightening) of the wheel nut free.

Air pressure check
       Air pressure check
Better tightening
       Retightening of the nut
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