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Basic knowledge of the tire

All the tires are not same. There are various kinds and size by a car model, performance and a use to put on.
Here, I explain a point for selection of tire which your car life included.

A role and performance of the tire

At an area for one piece of postcard per one tire, I support an important life.

Role of the tire

There are greatly four roles on the tire.


I support the weight of the vehicle

I support weight such as the body or a crew, the baggage.

I introduce driving force, a braking force into the road surface

I introduce the power of an engine and the brakes of the car into the road surface immediately and I advance and stop.

I switch direction and maintain it.

I maintain going straight and switch a direction and lead the direction that the car goes ahead through.

I moderate the shock from the road surface

It absorbs a shock to occur by the irregularities of the road surface and is relieved.

Performance of the tire

There is various characteristic by a product even if I say a tire with a word.


The tire which made much of sports performance such as grip or the handling
The tire which made much of quietness, ride comfort
The tire which made much of sports performance and balance of quietness, the ride comfort
The tire which made much of basics performance
The tire that the use including off-road, the snow-covered road is special

We think about performance to make much of in driving a car, and let's choose the tire which the visitor had.
The experience-rich staff recommends a good tire to a visitor in the Mr. tire men. Please feel free to consult me.

Viewpoint of the tire size

Way of the indication of the tire size

As for the way of the tire size indication, please see the left table.
The side of the tire includes the indication such as directional pattern marks a maker name, the product (brand) name other than tire size.
You have you confirm size in reference to the left table, and please refer.
I will check standard tire size if you can convey a car model, age type, grade near if there is not a car. .

Directional pattern mark

Image of the viewpoint of dimensions and the tire size indication of the tire
The tire having this mark in the side part is the product which adopted a directional pattern (yunidirekushonarupatan). I attach a displayed arrow to a car to the rotatory direction of the tire. In addition, I put it together, and the tire of the size that adopted an asymmetric directional pattern attaches it to out side (OUTSIDE), indication of in side (INSIDE) by all means.

About a tempo mark

Image about the tempo mark
The tempo mark is a sign indicating the speed (maximum speed = ability) that the tire can run under a prescribed condition.
※When I put on the tire, the maximum speed means the best speed that a car can attain in a flat paved road.
※1 ZR is a speed category.
※When it is more than 2 a maximum of 300km/h in speed, I write a parenthesis and resemble it and display road index and tempo mark Y in addition to speed category "ZR".
Example) 245/40ZR19(94Y)

About a road index (LI)

Image about the road index
The road index (LI) is a number indicating the peak load ability that the tire can burden under a prescribed condition.
The peak load ability of the road index is the following street.

About inch up

If the appearance aims at the run over a one rank, inch up is recommended.

What is inch up?

What is inch up? no image
Inch up means that I switch to a big tire of the rim diameter without changing the outer diameter.
A step is tightened by making a wheel look big, and a car becomes more fashionable.

When an inch improves, what happens?

When an inch improves, what happens? no image
When an inch improves, the compression of the tire becomes low.
Generally, so that well re-compression rises by the exercise performance so that compression becomes low; masu well re-comfort and economy.
The compression of the tire lowers with the inch up, and transformation, the bend of the tire when I cut time and the steering wheel which stepped on brakes decreases, and it is thought that a characteristic as follows appears because the wide rigidity of the tire becomes higher.
<inch up and tire performance >
  1. Improvement of the operation stability   
  2. Cornering performance gain
  3. Breaking performance gain
  4. Tendency harder ride comfort 
  5. The tendency that is large a run sound 

Precaution when an inch improves

1.I am careful about the load ability of the tire
Inch ability for load of the size to improve <road index value>, please be careful not to be less than load ability <road index value> of the standard tire size.
2.I choose a near thing of the tire outer diameter
When the outer diameter of the tire turns big, the contact to an error and the body of the speedometer may occur.
3.The contact with the body and car frame, runover prohibition (by the preservation standard of the road haulage vehicle) from a fender
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