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If it is a tire, please talk about anything.
Because Mr. tire man Fussa store supports the reliable safe car life of the visitor,
I sell tire & wheel to the main force with other products concerned and develop a service.
To become "the local first shop of the reliable technique and assent price" where all visitors are satisfied with,
All the staff do the best.

The professional of the tire supports car life!

It is a familiar tire pro shop in your town. no image
Mr. tire man Fussa store is a store specializing in tires of Bridgestone where there is "the professional of the tire".
I recommend the tire which is most suitable for the car of the visitor and maintain the tire of the visitor well.
I aim at the imminent tire shop with convenience for a local visitor.
The experience-rich staff answers advice, the question of the visitor kindly.

Please leave the follow in after!

The tire grows up in a process adjusting to a wheel, and some air pressure decreases, and unevenness may occur for the clamping of the nuts and bolts. I carry out tire check free in our store and support safe car life.
Air pressure check
Retightening of the nut
A wound crack, a radical of a Chinese character are worn and check it
zan groove check

Please leave the flat repair!

Mr. tire man Fussa store is not a shop only for tire sale.
It is a store specializing in tires which the flat repair is left to in peace.
Be branded from internal repair and, let alone general plug repair, can cope until repair.
Please talk with our store without giving up the tires told to be, "it is no use!" in another store.
※Repair may be impossible depending on a wound.

Under free safe check enforcement!

Other handling products, services

Various car articles
Mr. tire man Fussa store is not the shop which only sells a tire.
I do total support to have you go for a drive that a visitor is comfortable, and is safe.
I perform an aluminum wheel oil battery wiper, other car articles, body coating processing, car film construction as well as a tire.
Come casually by all means.
It is the shop which can ask a question casually which is easy to enter with a cozy atmosphere.
Staff introductionStaff introduction
1086, Kumagawa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo
TEL. 042-551-5508
FAX. 042-551-6838
Tire retail wholesale for the car
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